Lenten Devotionals

Songs of the Soul | “Children of the Heavenly Father”

Shared by Heidi Sullivan

Lots of songs have moved me, comforted me, filled me with joy and hope.  My Father was a terrific singer.  He often sang in church…. all the way up to his last days (just died last month at 88).  He sang the Lord’s Prayer at all his granddaughter’s weddings.  When we were kids, we all sang four part harmony songs at nursing homes and also in church.  My favorite as a kid was “Children of the Heavenly Father”.  My Dad also would sing it in Swedish.  However, we all had the English version memorized.  Also, I Love to Tell the Story, How great Thou Art, His eye is on the Sparrow and 10000 Angels.  It’s difficult to sing those old hymns in church right now because I hear him singing behind me and it makes me cry.

I believe music is a direct conduit to heaven.  When you are a choral singer, and you’ve perfected a piece together, you can hear the angels singing with you.  All those individual singers, become one in the Spirit.  The experience is overwhelming.  There are no more soloists when you get to that point.  That “one” voice sails through the rafters and into the heavens on Angel wings….. for the glory of God. I remember going to a Luther College, Nordic choir concert a few years ago when they were on tour.  They sang downtown at Bethel with perfected pieces. The entire building vibrated with sound. You definitely could hear the angels as the sang “Oh Lord God” which is that choirs annual anthem. So keep singing…. or at least listen for the heavenly hosts.

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