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Supporting Badger Prairie Needs Network

Providing Toiletries

Badger Prairie Needs Network is need of toiletries – toothpaste, bar soap, and toilet paper. To eliminate too many drop offs, all our donations will be taken to appropriate BPNN staff by Diane Cali. You can email her at ( to let her know when you will leave a bag on her porch.  

Providing Lunches for Children

Badger Prairie Needs Network is in need of kid friend lunch food. Paper lunch bag containing pre-packaged, non-refrigerated foods: Microwaveable mac and cheese (or PB&J, Fruit bar, Granola bar, Piece of fresh fruit. Additional snack(s) (examples:  fruit snacks, peanut butter/cheese sandwich crackers, fruit cups, chips, etc) To eliminate too many drop offs, all donation will be dropped off to appropriate BPNN staff by Kris Halverson. You can email her at to let her know you have things to leave on her porch.