Pine Ridge 2019: A sacred privilege

Friday, June 27, South Dakota Blog by Sherri Swartz traveling with her daughter Heather for the 2nd time

We left the motel at 6:30 AM and had a quiet bus ride, with many people back asleep, until sometime after we crossed the Missouri River back to eastern South Dakota. At a rest stop we encountered humidity for the first time in several days. We are just visiting, catching up on outside life with the help of our electronics, and starting to anticipate what awaits us next back home.

A final reflection as we return home. I think the Kids Club that we led at the Dream Center was a respite from the difficulties of everyday life, not only for the Lakota kids who came, but for our team as well. Many in our group shared throughout the week that they are facing situations at home that bring grief, fear, weariness, anger, awkwardness, etc. We knew we were sending the children of Pine Ridge back into uncertain and unpleasant situations. But for the time we had together, we both had a break and just focused on caring for each other and God’s love for each other. It was a sacred privilege to share that time with them.


  1. Jean E. Peterson on July 4, 2019 at 10:26 am

    Thanks, Sherri. Mom