Pine Ridge 2019: We are all broken in our own ways

Tuesday, June 25 Pine Ridge Blog by Grace Nemeth traveling with her confirmation leader Diane Cali

Today was full of new adventures and challenges. Waking up this morning was more difficult than Monday. The tiredness and ache, inside and out, made for a more quiet and thoughtful morning. Our devotion this morning gave most of us a new perspective on the Last Supper. We all pondered on the line “He broke it.” Our eyes were opened as we thought about how Jesus was betrayed, hurt, and abandoned by his friends. We are all broken in our own ways and show it in different ways as well. Most of the kids who come to the Dream Center never show or talk about their brokenness, as do we. These kids come for a place to have fun and love each other.

As the kids flowed off the bus, they were greeted by many of us with hats and sunglasses. Some of the children went right to their buddies from the day before and others found new friends. It was so amazing to watch the kids attach so tightly to their big buddies. As the day went on the kids began to grow more excited and energetic, so, as any Dream Center leader would do, Sarah pulled out the sprinkler and slide. Seeing the carefree smiles on the kids faces as they played in the water and go hug their big buddy to get them all wet. For a fun activity, Monica and Peggy made cookies for the kids to make fruit pizzas. Everyone, even us, enjoyed putting the frosting, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries onto the large sugar cookie. Waving goodbye to the kids was a fun, but sad experience at the same time. The kids hugged the big buddies goodbye, as we never know if they will return while we are still here. The screaming goodbyes and the waves filled my heart.